Embrace A More Modernize HR Era.

James Chien, CEO, MAYO Human CapitalJames Chien, CEO, MAYO Human Capital
In the digital era, we are facing the industry revolution. In order to secure a stable environment in the changing economic landscape, more and more enterprises strive to organize towards greater agility and digital transformation. Nowadays, we rely on cost-effective solutions to provide more efficiency and flexibility in the routine operational processes. That’s why we accelerate the needs of Human resource outsourcing and the newest technology development. So, what’s next? Will HR be replaced by the technological innovation?

There is no doubt that these things won’t happen soon. Like Kevin Kelly said:” Human are good at inefficiency, productivity is for robots.” Innovation comes from creativity, inspiration, and connecting people to generate new ideas. So, as a HR leader, would you rather choose traditional operating procedures, or choose a more innovative alternative to transform your corporate culture and build a successful workforce?

Integration of HR Tech Accelerate to A Modern Talents Acquisition.

“This is the best but the worst era for HR. The positive way is that there are multiple digital tools to assist enterprises in digital transformation. On the other side, HR also plays a critical role to continuously convince everyone what’s benefits and how to implement technology successfully.” James Chien, CEO of MAYO mentioned.

MAYO Human Capital, as a reliable strategic human resource partner aim to build the newest HR ecosystem with innovation HR Tech from interview, recruitment, operations management, talent development, to welfare strategy.

To illustrate the benefit of MAYO’s solutions to the world widely, MAYO even collaborate with the bank in Vietnam to optimize mass recruitment project, using AI technology to improve the recruitment process more efficiency, objectivity via Lasso AI Video Interview. With the interview questionnaire feature, there is no limitation of time and place, once the interviewee has recorded the answers the interviewer gets detailed information including AI-powered interview feedback to know candidates better and faster.
Indeed, it was achieved the outstanding result: completed 100 interviewees within 2 days by 2 interviewers. Lasso provides questions bank and allows recruiters to complete the question designs, batch interview arrangements, accurate scorings, and authority management flexibly along the way.

Rebuild Digital Culture and Win Employee Loyalty to the Business Longer.

Digital Transformation is not specifically about IT or Technology, it's about redefining your entire business strategy. HR is not just as a support function but as a strategic role for helping to lead our organizations to a new future of work and deliver more positive impact to people including helping people adapting to new technology well and get the maximum leverage.
We deserve a modern way to handle daily operation. Otherwise, do we have time to focus on the talent strategies? For improved efficiency as the top consideration, a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals — Roche implement SaaS solution: Apollo HRMS in order to operational process more convenient, efficient and productive. An innovative feature within the Apollo’s module brings high flexibility in organization setting including centralized or decentralized management to build up a transparent culture and have a strong connection between employee and line-manager. Even more, mobile self-service lead to a better employee experience, also integrate performance, talent development, training records, etc. Successfully engages employee to achieve the goals and reshapes a humane and warm corporate culture.

With such holistic, MAYO’s HR solution built in compliance with Asia and Southeast Asia’s labor laws and aligns with their social insurance and taxation policies. That is the reason MAYO has developed a strong partnership with well-known clients in Taiwan such as Farglory Group, Merck Group TW, KONE, DON DON DONKI Taiwan, Audi, Luisa Coffee. Meanwhile, MAYO’s services include payroll, people operation outsourcing, access cloud-based system to manage important data and keep these centralized to help enterprise improve data security and quickly frees up time and cost saving. HR have more time to focus on talent strategy, and organization development.

Be A Modernize HR, Engage Talents in the Future.

As we move into knowledge-based economies, the importance of human capital becomes more significant than ever. However, the general assumption is that human capital is an important issue but not urgent, due to enterprises facing continuous operating pressure. It’s time to emerge HR Technology in solving productivity, human is good at inefficiency. The future goal of HR is developing a diverse workforce and corporate culture that engage of interaction, sense of identity, accomplishment that speed business innovation.

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